A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Gymnastics Grips from Gibson Athletic

Selecting the right grips for gymnastics is crucial. At Gibson Athletic, we offer more than 40 years of expertise and a wide range of grips suitable for individuals at every skill level. In this guide, we'll delve into the specifics of our high-quality grips, each designed to cater to different gymnastic levels and preferences.

Gibson Rainbow Grips 

Gibson Rainbow Grips are tailored for novice gymnasts, offering a non-dowel grip for both boys and girls with three colors to choose from. Perfect for high bar, rings, and uneven bars, these grips allow beginners to acquaint themselves with bar and ring exercises while working on fundamental skills. The soft suede material helps prevent blisters for little hands. 
Gibson Rainbow Grips

Gibson Just Right Grips 

Gibson Just Right Grips are designed for advanced beginners, featuring a slim silhouette dowel grip for uneven bars. The leather construction provides a firm grip and protection against rips, blisters, and calluses. With specific measurements for uneven bar activities, these grips offer both stability and maximum contact with the apparatus. 

Gibson Just Right Grips

Gibson Summit Grips 

Gibson Summit Grips cater to early competitors, offering both straight and curved dowel grips. These grips provide stability for skills requiring frequent hand movement on high bars, rings, and uneven bars. Crafted from durable leather, Summit Grips offer protection and durability. 
Gibson Summit Grips

Reisport® Grips 

Reisport Grips, recognized as "the world's most popular grips," are for gymnasts who have refined their skills. Gibson, as the exclusive US importer, offers straight and curved silhouette dowel grips. These grips provide advanced gymnasts with stability, premium leather, and Switzerland's best-engineered high-performance styles. 
Reisport Grips - Double Buckle

Reisport® Protec Grips 

Reisport Protec Grips, available in Elite (hook-and-loop) and Hyper (double buckle) styles, are the strongest grips for top-level gymnasts, being a favorite of Swiss national team. Manufactured from a durable leather laminate that is triple the strength of ordinary leather, Protec Grips offer long-lasting protection from rips, blisters, and calluses.
Reisport Hyper Protec Grips
Embarking on your gymnastics journey requires not just dedication but also the right equipment, and at Gibson Athletic, we prioritize your success. Our diverse range of gymnastics grips, from Rainbow Grips for beginners to Reisport Protec Grips for elite athletes, is a testament to our commitment to gymnasts of all levels. We understand that the journey to choosing the perfect grips is unique for everyone, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Remember to replace grips regularly, at least every six months, and always keep a backup pair on hand for uninterrupted training. 
Trust in Gibson Athletic for quality, safety, and an unparalleled gymnastic experience. Remember, your success begins with the right grip — choose wisely, train confidently, and reach new heights in your gymnastics endeavors. Check out our grip sizing chart today! 

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