Selecting Grip Size

See Grip Sizing Chart

Note: Grips should be snug; gymnast should not be able to fully extend hand with new grips on (grips and holes will feel small at first)


Men’s High Bar (worn only to second knuckle)  

Measure from base of palm to center of middle finger (exactly in between the two joints of the middle finger)

Men’s Rings & Women’s Uneven Bar (worn only to first knuckle)

Measure from base of palm to tip of longest finger

Note: if measurement falls in between two sizes, select the smaller size (grips will stretch)

Do not push grips to lowest knuckle/base of fingers (exception: non-dowel Rainbow Grip)

Note: Grips cannot be returned or exchanged if worn or used. If you have any questions about grips, before ordering please contact Gibson Athletic Customer Service at (800) 275-5999.

Breaking in: note the proper fit guide, based on type of grip; only use rolled up mild sandpaper on the underside of grip holes to break in (no water, no stretching on equipment, no cutting); palm should not be able to extend flat if sized properly; hang, swing, or perform simple skills until grips have “molded” to hand

Gibson Athletic will not be held responsible for damage or injury due to improper breaking in or use of grips.

Grips that are used regularly should be replaced at least every six months (more often if used rigorously). Always keep a backup pair of grips on hand.

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