The Gibson Athletic legacy began 45 years ago here in Colorado. Since that time, we have become the leading expert on gymnastics grips. 

With multiple grip styles available for every phase of the gymnast’s advancement, our assortment graduates from non-dowel Rainbow Grips (for true beginners) to Just Right Grips for those new to bars and rings, to Summit Grips for early-stage competitors. 

Not only do we pride ourselves in manufacturing top quality USA-made Gibson grips, but we are also the exclusive resource for world-renowned Swiss Reisport grips in North America (as well as Central and South America).  

Reisport is perhaps the best-known name in the sport of artistic gymnastics. Elite athletes the world over trust their performance to the expert workmanship that is Reisport.  

For men, the line includes High Bar and Ring Grips in premium-quality leather. In addition, extra-strong Protec Elite and Hyper editions are offered in laminated leather that stretches no more than 1%, providing confidence through the strength and stability of a tried-and-true Swiss-made classic. 

 For women, Reisport offers Uneven Bar Grips, as well as the durable Hyper and Elite editions. All Reisport grips are manufactured under the strictest specifications using only the finest quality leather.  

Gibson’s dedicated customers include elite athletes, Olympic gymnasts, and beginner to intermediate gymnastics enthusiasts.  

Quite simply, our grips are a gymnast’s best friend. 

 We continually endeavor to provide guidance, safety, and support to our athletes and those who equip them.  

We support the gymnasts of today and generations to come, and we are always on a mission to bring fresh improvements to our line. 

CPG Fitness, LLC provides the foundation for these iconic brands: Gibson Athletic, Reisport (in the Americas), RAGE Fitness, and Moving Mountains 


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