While not required in artistic gymnastics, most gymnasts prefer wearing grips to taping their hands. The purpose is to provide a firm grasp and to avoid hand rips, calluses, and blisters when performing and perfecting skills on bars and rings.

Leather grips cover varying degrees of the palm of the hand and come in dowel and non-dowel styles, each designed for a specific type of activity. Secured with a band at the wrist, the grip leather extends to two or three finger holes that fit to the first or second knuckle, dependent upon the type. The dowel is stitched near the finger portion of the leather to allow for a better grip on the bar or rings.

Grips for women are specific to Uneven Bars, whereas men’s grips are tailored for the High Bar and Still Rings.

Grips that are used regularly should be replaced at least every six months.

Always keep a backup pair of grips on hand.

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